People make the difference, 
and our Mission real.


Contribute to the development of a Sustainable and Cicular Economy, in which Companies and Businesses are the places where the Human Potential of Enthusiasm, Creativity and Intelligence can attain its highest expression. 


Sharing Knowledge and Information to open up perspectives of Possibility and Opportunity for Businesses and Organizations, supporting Innovation and constructive Change.
Providing excellent practical and effective Tools to prosper while operating the Transformation required by Sustainable Development in harmony with the Ecosystem and the Human Society as well.


Our main Values are Curiosity, a Scientific approach, Integrity, Truthfulness, Accountability and Responsibility. We believe in “walking the talk” of our creed, i.e. practicing such values in our day-to-day actions as best as we can. We know our potential and our limits. While we are constantly engaged to express the former, we also strive to overcome the latter by continuous improvement and learning. We respect the uniqueness of each of our clients and the wisdom of their people and leadership. Therefore, we are happy to help them to express their own original contribution to a better World.


Federico Fioretto

CEO Founder

Sophie Ott


Stefano Lappa

Managing Director

Erika Morati

Senior Consultant

Robert B. Pojasek

Phd, Chief Scientist

Giovanna Berton

Chief Marketing Officer

Danila Poggi Pianciani

Senior Consultant


Below logos of some of our recent or current Clients.
They appear here as testimony of fruitful and interesting collaborations.
All rights to these Brands, Trademarks and logos belong to their respective legitimate owners and in no case their representation here commits such parties to anything.

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